God Listens

I think that every Christian wonders at some point whether God is truly listening. Is He always listening? Does He listen just some of the time? Does He only listen when we pray?

Since coming back into the Church and finding my faith again I have felt like God is truly listening to me and giving me what I need at that time. His grace flooding me with a sense of peace about staying home with my kids and pressing me to start this blog was probably the listening session that has been the most impactful.

However, it isn’t just His listening about the big things that I’ve felt over these past few months. There have been so many little things as well. The topics covered during church service and in our Discipleship Community classes always speak to something my husband and I are dealing with at that moment. We are given some truths and advice on ways we can deal with the things happening in our lives.

Recently His listening came along with Hurricane Florence. And no, I don’t mean he spared our home from damage (which He did, but that isn’t what I am focusing on here). In the week leading up to the hurricane it was pretty well known that the NC coast would be severely flooded. As I was reading about possible impacts the feeling that my husband should go help with the cleanup came over me. The hurricane wasn’t even near land yet, but I felt that he should use his skills and abilities to help people who were going to be incredibly effected by the huge storm.

The hurricane came and went and then a day or so after Florence left us my husband received an email from a former grad school classmate who also attends our church. The email was an invite for my husband to join a team who would be traveling down to Lumberton, NC to help demo houses that were flooded. Lumberton was one of the towns that had the worst flooding. God was listening y’all and provided a way!

My husband went Saturday and helped clear out a flooded home. He was only able to help for one day because of a work business trip, but even helping for one day provided a much needed service for this family. There is still a huge need and people are continuing to serve meals, provide necessities, and demo properties. If you would like to help out consider donating to the American Red Cross or Baptists on Mission.

I am going to keep asking God to guide me and I know he will keep listening to my needs and providing.


Do you feel like God is listening to you? What has He listened to and provided in your life? Let me know in the comments!

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